Waterproof MP3 Players - What You Need to Know


You should definitely take advantage of the innovative technology available in waterproof MP3s. There are many waterproof MP3 players on the market today, but not all of them are created equal. The ones with bone sound conduction technology are definitely better than their standard counterparts. They have a number of great benefits that you should definitely consider.

Despite its complicated name the bone sound conduction technology works very simply. You need to attach the sound producing panels to your cheekbones and not to your ears. The sound wave vibrations are passed through the cheek bone to the inner ear. This makes the sound clarity excellent. You can enjoy all your music and you can expect the audio quality to be extremely high.

The high sound clarity of these waterproof MP3 players can be employed effectively in the training of synchronized swimmers. The reality is that no other underwater sound conduction system can give you such superb audio quality. This is because the sound usually gets muffled if it is transmitted through air or water.

Another superb benefit of these waterproof MP3 players is that they are more comfortable to use. You do not need to deal with complex ear panels that are difficult to adjust. These are often flimsy and unstable as they cannot fit the ears of various forms and sizes well. The bone conduction panels are very light and compact. This gives you great comfort when you swim. You can put the MP3 player on easily and quickly.

It is worth highlighting that the waterproof music players with bone sound conduction technology are perfectly safe to use when operating.